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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 22, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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good night from orlando florida. but we are not done here. sean hannity is live in the spin room with the candidates. you do not want to turn the channel! keep it here on fox. have a good one. >> sean: welcome, we're live in orlando, florida tonight. nine challengers made their pitch to the american people on how to defeat the anointed one and get the country back on track who. came ourt on top? you'll hear from many of the candidates, mitt romney is here, michelle bachmann and herman cain. first going live to frank luntz in tampa, florida for a group of voters to get their reaction to the debate. frank? >> sean we have a winner tonight. a clear winner, how many of you in this room walked in support in mitt romney, raise your hand, how many of you
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thought mitt romney won? raise your hands, how many of you changed your mind over the last week and gone from one candidate to another? raise your hands? would you go from? who did you go to? >> i went from perry and like gingrich. >> i like mitt romney. >> cain. >> from where to where? >> romney to cain. >> rick perry to mitt romney. >> perry to romney. >> who did you go from and two? >> perry to gingrich. >> why? >> we've been doing these for a while. mitt romney, what is so strong? >> besides decisions perry a waffler. he looked presidential. >> i thought he spoke with great specificity. >> he gave specific answer autos very edgey in the way he answered questions. >> he was elegant. >> i have not heard that word
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describing mitt romney before. >> i thought perry was too defensive, spending too much time fighting with romney instead of talking about his policy. >> there are three segments we're going to show tonight. first was the most-negative reaction i've seen any republican candidate among republican primary voters. this is rick perry talking about immigration. let's take a look. >> most folks... i guess we don't have that clip. you remember we talked about immigration and said that those who don't support funding people with illegal immigration, -- funding education have no heart. what was so wrong with that? >> absolutely disgusting thing to say when you holdup free health care or free education to people who want to get
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their children served in their lives served that is a temptation to come. that is actually putting peoples' lives at risk. it's not a compassionate thing to hold up. >> it's not that they can't get education they're subsidized. my son wanted to go to texas a&m. being illegal, you can. it's not right. >> and the thing i'm tired of is being told i'm heartless and being conservative. we can take care of the immigrants wout being subsidized and without coddling them without making it a possibility for them to come in. >> is there anything rick perry could have done communicated? >> i think santorum was correct when he said it's not about illegals not going to school. it's about giving them benefits before americans get the benefits. >> sean there is another clip, hopefully, you can pull it up now, which is rick perry and senator santorum going back and forth with each other on
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issues immigration and it bothered people in this room. let's take a look. >> no? okay. i guess it's just going to be you guys for the rest of the night. these things happen it's little television. let's go back to why governor romney did so well. explain it to me.. >> i'm concerned about what he did with health care in massachusetts. i did say that his, one of the first things out of the gate would be to repeal obama care. that made me feel better. >> that was the clear point of view? >> weather i think he learned from his mistakes. it's going to be helpful going forward. >> we're looking for accountability. and he has said i made mistakes and willing to take
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responsibility for them. that is what we want in a president. >> this is the first time also he's explained that health care system and you know at least to me, he doesn't believe it's a national system. that is the one thing boy not go with him in. >> one thing i like about romney is answers now with this health care plan in massachusetts. it's a state privilege to provide those for your state. it's one of the reasons i've been opposed to this obama care thing from the start. mitt romney said i have a right to govern my state the way we feel best. >> in a debate rick perry said it was a state right. so he really kind of chopped the whole romney care thing in the foot by saying that. >> one more. >> on the economy i think his message is that we tried government spending. that failed now he wants to believe in free enterprise. i think that that is huge.
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>> herman cain gave a powerful statements when talking about getting rid of the epa. you voted that being one of the two most-dramatic things. what is so strong about saying no more epa? >> it shows nothing is a sacred cow. i mate take in washington going you know department by department and cleaning house. but that nothing is a sacred cow to him. he's willing to start from scratch. >> i think epa is important because it's holding us back on energy looking for new energy. we're letting snail guarders keep us from doing things. all of the dust. not that we don't need some regulation to make sure water stays clean, etc., but i mean, it's point of the epa. if you get caught up in the small part then you'll look at the talking points and say epa needs to go. i mean it's a critical function of government you
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just can't toss it out that you made a talking point i'm going to vote for you i think it's conscious has people thinking of the epa being regulatory. >> i'm a scientist. i get tired of people mixing science with politics. why can't we just discuss the science and keep politics out of it?. >> are candidates answering questions you want to see answered? yes or no? >> yes. no? what did they answer? >> they didn't answer questions. they -- they went -- . >> which one? >> for instance. >> john, don't look away. on this we don't back up. which one did they answer? >> i didn't like perry's answer when it's -- when it came to now i lost my train of thought. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor rick perry. >> and herman cain both had direct answers to the questions.
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they were very specific about answers. >> i agree. >> positive towards newt gingrich, why? >> i think he's giving specific answers that make a lot of sense. >> great. sean, florida voters are going to determine the future thank you for participating. back to you. >> sean: coming up the stage is leared and candidates now entering the spin room including mitt romney who is going to join me next, live as we continue from orlando, florida. then later here from michelle bachmann, ron paul, herman cain and much more on this special edition of "hannity". [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
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>> now it's not the first time mitt has been wrong on some issues before. bottom line is that we never we're going to move this back. what we said is that we ought to have an option state employees and retirees they being able to go off of the current system on to one the states would operate. rick perry out there saying almost to quote it says that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business. that it's unconstitutional. unconstitutional? and should be returned to the state. you better find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that. >> and we're live tonight in orlando, florida. this is the site of the evening's presidential debate now. early in the night things got heated between two candidates
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as they went head to head on everything from pensions to health care plans, joining me now is former massachusetts governor mitt romney. good to see you thanks, sean. >> i know you're making your way over, frank luntz's focus group felt you won the debate tonight. did you feel while up there you're having a good night? >> i felt like this is a good night. we had a chance to talk about real issues, and it was fun hearing some of the great lines that came from people. and gary johnson. i thought it was an entertaining debate. i was pleased tonight and thought people did pretty well. >> it seems you and perry, two front runners go at each other, there are four main issues have differences on. immigration, health care and hpv vaccine in texas. and social security. let's start there. what are the differences?
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>> i'm not sure where governor perry is going to land. because what he said in his book and in interviews promoting the book is that social security is unconstitutional z it should be returned to the states. what he said on the stage tonight was different. so we'll see whether he wants to abandon the position from before. time will tell but my view is straight forward, which is social security does not work financially for coming generations jufts great in the last 75 years and helped our seniors and will continue to do so. but people who are young we've got change the program and make it sustainibility. i know how to fix things. that is what i've done throughout my career and governor perry, if he continues to say it should go back to the state i think that is problematic course. >> sean: there is an article in the paper this morning you don't think rick perry is electable. >> that was a headline in "usa
11:15 pm
today". interviewer kept on trying to get me to say that. i said look there are challenges with his issues. i didn't use the word unelectable. that ais what i do believe is that in a republican contest in, a national contest, you can't be attacking social security. it's part of the bed rock of the social fabric of our country and an mazing era. >> sean: one of the things and i read his book and you were quoting from it tonight. many many ways you can make an argument it's a ponzy scheme. the money has been spent and put into the general fund there is no social security lock box. both of you seem to agree it's going bankrupt. so it's, what do you see is a major differences? solving it? do you get the impression from reading the book, do you think he wants to -- i interviewed him last night. he talked about raising
11:16 pm
eligibility age requirements and other things. he didn't say he wanted to eliminate it, but it's broken and needs to be fixed. what makes you think otherwise? >> words are stubborn things to paraphrase john adams and written words more stubborn. he says in the book by any measure social security is a failure, tell that to millions on social security. he says it's been forced on us for 75 years. i don't think ronald reagan would agree. he says federal social security is unconstitutional and should be returned to the states. those words are going to be difficult for him. if he tries to distance himself from them. in a general election, i can tell you barack obama and his billion dollars goring to be tough with those words. >> i assume whoever gets the nomination is going to be pushing a wheelchair with granny over the cliff. >> we interest to -- have to be care envelope choice of words, when you write a book
11:17 pm
you're care oofl right its like being very careful. if running for president those things come back to haunt you. >> true. >> what about issue came up tonight on immigration? and your differences on immigration, his support of the children of illegal immigrants having the right to get in state tuition became a battle between senator santorum and governor perry. >> senator santorum was right. governor perry made an error. that error was putting in place a tuition break for illegals of the state. and that tuition break does not apply to us us citizens. it applies to illegals in texas. worth about $100,000. not talking about a discount but a massive benefit that. draws people into the state of texas who are illegals from across the border. it's a terrible poll sismt i think he knows that. he says he opposes a fence. you've got to have a fence for border patrol agents to be
11:18 pm
able to slow down people that want to get in here illegally. these things are straight forward. i think that as governor i've been thinking about these things before deciding to run for president. >> the one area where your opponents seem to keep attacking you no matter how many times you've given the answer, i've asked you many times, health care. and your answer is there is a great difference between a state like massachusetts making a choice, and the federal government. as you look back on the health care plan, one question i wanted to ask is would you do it differently? >> sure. >> you would? >> yes. you learn from experience, as a matter of fact there are a series of things in the bill that i vetoed that got overridden. and i said to them, i said look you're going to have to change this over time z the truth is that some of the things i thought were problematic, i think still and are need to be changed but idea of states solving state
11:19 pm
problems is something i think most of us agree with. i'm proud of the fact that 99% of our children have health insurance. i care about kids and them being well. i'm not going to back off. is our plan perfect? no. a step forward? yes. the people of massachusetts if they don't like it, they can change it. that is the great thing. >> sean: you put -- would eliminate obama care? >> i'd get rid of obama care, day one. we've got to get out of obama care. that i would put in place a bill allowing individuals to own their own insurance and make sure existing condition problem is eliminated by saying to insurers you can't deny coverage to someone who has been covered in the past. >> sean: when you see the frank luntz focus group think you're going to be happy. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up next, live in or lano florida coming up
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governor perry mandated a health care decision on all
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12-year-old little girls in the state of texas. and by that mandate those girls had to have a shot for a sexually transmitted disease. that is not appropriate to be a decision that a governor makes. it's appropriate that parents make that decision in consultation with their doctor. >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. we're in orlando, florida tonight. texas governor rick perry was a frequent target tonight by his fellow presidential hopefuls and as you just heard, michelle bachmann called him out on an hpv-related order that he issued in the lone star state. joining me now to defend her state is michelle bachmann, how are you? >> good to see you again. >> sean: this is two debates where this is a pretty big issue for you. and you keep bringing it up with governor perry. what did you think of his answer that he thinks he made
11:25 pm
a mistake. he talked about opting out, opting in. what is your reaction? >> well, one thing we found out after governor perry gave his response, he said he did it because he talked to a woman then made the mandate after talking to this woman. we found out he didn't talk to her until after the mandate was put in to affect. so he gave us another false statement this evening. that is going to hurt the governor, i think. >> sean: you're referring to someone up here talking about it. i heard it. an abc news article? >> right saying the governor was inaccurate. the bigger point is that governor gave parental rights way to a drug company that had given campaign contributions to the governor. that is what we don't want to see. we don't want to have a republican candidate beholden to political donors. >> sean: do you think this was like looking at solyndra.
11:26 pm
big donors that gets access to the white house and $535 million tax pay yir dollars going down the drain in the end. do you think the governor did this basically saying you think he believed in the issue? >> this isn't the only instance where the governor has done this, there are many, many instances, one is that he received over $17 million in campaign contributions and that is from people that he has appointed the boards and commissions in the state of texas that. is troubling. there is one donor gave him $180,000. $25,000 given six weeks before that donor appointed to another commission. it's instance after instance. there is another fund similar to the solydra fund where the governor gave a $35 million grant to the company many donors from his campaign. and promised to create 5,000 jobs. they cut 20% of all of their jobs and there is instance
11:27 pm
after instance. this isn't just one situation. and that is why i think really in this election, we don't have to settle. we can have a good, strong whole constitutional conservative. this is a race where we're always told as conservatives all we've got to settle. not this time. president obama will be defeated and will be a one-term candidate. that is why we need to get the best possible candidate we can who can change tax codes and shake around bureaucracy in washington. >> sean: when you talk about dismantling you talk about the department of education. >> yes. >> sean: you're going to take more shots if you're the front runner. there seems to be a lot of attention on governor perry's side tonight. you took him on on immigration issue. this i think became a front and center debate in the
11:28 pm
campaign. how important is that? what do you think of the position? how would yours be different? >> there is a world of difference. i would build the fence on the border. it must be done. governor perry called it idiocy. i would not give benefits to illegal aliens for their children. governor perry d he's a self described moderate on border issue. we had this now with democrat and republican presidents they're not serious about dealing with the border. american people are saying deal with the border. that is why i say we shouldn't settle on a candidate. we've got to get a candidate that is going put issues into affect. >> sean: you're saying whoever wins this nomination will be the president. you're saying you think you're the most conservative in the race? >> i think i am the complete candidate as a constitutional conservative, i'm a strong hold social conservative. a national security conservative and a tea partier. that is what we're looking for
11:29 pm
in this election. and i think what sets me apart from the candidates is not only i think i'm right on issues but i've been fighting vigorously for five years in washington on all of these issues. and unlike two governor that's were up on stage tonight, the issues executive orders to deal with obama care, i understand we'll never get rid of obama care with an executive order or a waiver. the only way is polling out out root and branch by repealing and i'm committed to that. >> sean: i was interested in the first question to you tonight which was how much of every dollar do you get to keep as a citizen? i like that question. and you did say you should keep every dollar but clarified it a little bit. you've got to pay for roads and bridges what would that number be? state, local, federal dollars in taxes? what do you think should be the maximum number?
11:30 pm
>> it depends on what type of tax plan you adopt. as a former federal tax lawyer i want to lead that debate in the united states. we have to cut spending because i believe in a balanced budget but whether we engage a consumption tax or a flat tax i want to lead that debate as president wex rule by the consent of the governed. people need taf a chance to weigh nchl we agree the current tax code is wrong. i spent years dealing with it in united states federal tax court. it kills jobs and that is what i want to do is bring my expertise and background as a small business owner and a job create skbror a federal tax lawyer into washington. i get how you turn the economy around and create jobs. i want to do that. but it's the political will that i bring. that is really what i will do as president of the united states. i have the will to repeal obama care. i introduced that bill and i introduced a bill to repeal
11:31 pm
crane causing businesses to not have access to credit like they did before. people want to buy a house not tibl to qualify for a mortgage. >> congresswoman good, to see you. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: coming up a special post debate edition of hannity polls on with newt gingrich and much more, coming up as by continue from orlando, florida. straight ahead. [ kristy ] my mom is well...weird. she won't eat eggs without hot sauce. she has kind of funny looking toes. she's always touching my hair. and she does ts ncing finger thing. [ male announcer ] with advanced technology from ge, now doctors caniagnose diseases like breast cancer on a cellular level. so that women, like kristy's mom, can get personalized treatment that's as unique as she is. [ kristy ] she's definitely not like other moms. yeah, my mom is pretty weird. ♪
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11:36 pm
greek bonds and go down together. >> and that is former speaker of the house newt gingrich speaking tonight right here in orlando, fla flax the man himself, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. i mean, a good line not not the way washington works. explain that. >> you currently have a lack of leadership w out leadership which has to reach out to american people, you can't move washington. i tell everybody i'm not asking before me because that means you go home and say he fixes it. i'm asking you to be with me. it's going to take an eight-year struggle in which american people engage, educate their member of the house and senate and help us police the bureaucracies and help fill up the space if we take power from washington and send it back home. you've got to think of this as taking remarkable leadership.
11:37 pm
i've seen it three times, margaret that mucher, ronald rainan in the 80s and what we did, america's debt projection from a $2.2 trillion deficit over 10 years from when i came into office to $2.7 thrillin surplus when i left. so i know you can have change with effective leadership. >> sean: you brought this up tonight. looking at $1.6 trillion in deficit this year, you know $4 trillion since obama has become president it's almost inconceiveable. the president can't spend a dime without approval of congress. that is how he accumulate that had debt. he did get us on to a plan to a balanced budget contract with america was a real success. do you think people really understand, you know what you did back then? i'm listening and thinking yeah. we once did balance the
11:38 pm
budget. >> like foreign policy. ronald reagan did say the solution to the cold war is we win, they lose, we won, they lost. i think same thing here, you can balance the budget. next thursday in des moines, veal a preliminary 21 century contract with america laying out, i'm from there. we're going to layout the scale of change. >> sean: so you have a newer contract with america? >> brand new, much bigger, deeper and more profound because the problems are much bigger than they were in 1994. >> sean: can i ask how many items? >> four sections and legislative section will have 10 substantial bills. >> sean: so this is your plan like the contract you're going to carry it in your pocket? >> we're going to have it in a variety of formats and brochures and at
11:39 pm
it's going to be a living document until getting to september 27th next year the anniversary of the contract. then we'll release the final document. >> sean: it's funny when i -- i think one moderator said of course he's a socialist which is interesting. you know? typical blunt newt fashion. other answer i thought was interesting is megan kelly asked you if i'm wrong, correct me about the 99 weeks of unemployment z your answer is no, i don't support just extending unemployment where people don't have to do anything for a check but in that 99-week period of time if they're developing a new job skill it's almost two years. >> that is right. we've had several million people who have been getting money two years for which they did nothing. now, i am, i want to be compassionate. if you can't find a job, am prepared to give you unemployment. but since you don't have a job, i'm prepared to say to you you have to sign up for a list
11:40 pm
back after this-led training program. >> sean: you say business lead led? >> not vocational skoo. a business helping teach you how to do things for which you learn a living. and i think if you think about it, 99 weeks you can get virtually an assessit degree in nursing or in a variety of engineering areas. you can be improving the work force of america for money we're throwing away. >> yes. >> sean: we're going see you next thursday. >> right. >> sean: have you a new contract. >> next monday night, you're going to have calista on there. >> i'm coming as a spouse. i'm watching. and they're both going to come to see you. >> sean: i've got to figure this out. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up next he causes a stir at debates. tonight is no different. ron paul is here and will join me live as we continue from orlando and republican presidential debate straight ahead. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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tell you what that is the subject crucial because government is too big in washington and run away, we have no controls of spending, taxes, regulation and in the federal reserve printing money. if we want government whether it's medical care or whatever, it's proper to do as local level as well as schools but there is no authority in the constitution to do so much what we're doing there is no authority to run our schools, no authority to control our economy z no authority to control us as individuals or what we do with our personal lives. oos welcome back to orlando, florida tonight nine presidential hopefuls took the stage to outline their vision for america and among them, texas governor ron paul. >> thank you. >> sean: last time you dumped me and i saw you doing an
11:46 pm
interview next to me. i am glad you came on this time. >> well, dihave another appointment that night. you know i have enthusiastic supporters. >> sean: the most enthusiastic. >> so i couldn't let them down. >> sean: but you're next to me doing an interview supposed to be here you have a better memory than i do. i don't recall it. >> sean: you know where your son was tonight? on fair force one with president obama. >> only time i went on air force one was with ronald reagan. >> sean: you see the price of gold? you know i was thinking about you, you know a lot of what you say, the role of government has gotten way out of control. they want to control our lives. when you get into those principles i agree with 95% of what you say. >> pretty good oos all right. pretty good. then, for example, look at bernanck skpe. qe 5,000.
11:47 pm
i don't think the goitsing to work. your thoughts on what he's proposing this week? >> well, it's just more of the same. and that is all they know and that is all he knows if you study his history. he did all of the research on the depression saying it won't have lasted if pe the would have printed more money faster. he didn't realize they printed too much in the 20s. so greenspan started it by keeping interest rates too low, then, they had emergency then he said we're going keep interest rates low until 2013 now there is another one. the only thing he ever offered is printing more money. you distort the market. 9 important thing is prisz. everybody knows that wage controlled prices are very, very ba.d there is a notion the federal government can fix and that is interest rates. unless we deal with that we
11:48 pm
can't deal with unemployment and savings and all of these things. that is why the issue is important. >> sean: look at what obama is doing. massive government debt, deficits is hurting the country. massive regulation. these things you would fix and you know, i think you and a lot of people were right i find myself disagreeing with you and i don't understand. i want to give you a chance to understand this, why do you think we have no business or role in preventing a madman holocaust denying guy like mahmoud ahmadinejad repeatedly states is an enemy of the united states ychl do you think we shouldn't involve ourselves early before he gets a nuclear weapon zblon. >> we zront authority, money or national security and i think it hurts israel. >> sean: what do you mean we don't have the authority? >> where is the right written
11:49 pm
we should be the policeman of the world? you can't do it. what about george bush? he mad had it right in the year 2000. he said i don't want to be a nation builder or involved in policing of the world. he didn't like what clinton was doing in kosovo. i think that founders preach that had message. and beside we don't have the money, it's the most important. >> sean: it's important but is it a case if we don't deal with certain threats now, we'll dweel them later? watching expansion of nazism, pearl harbor played a big part but we were part of the beating back those forces maybe we had gotten in early. you have to look at threats down the road and realize if someone says they want to destroy you, you've got to believe them? >> that is all war propaganda. >> sean: mahmoud ahmadinejad
11:50 pm
said he wants to destroy israel and u.s.. >> and iran is not a threat p in the sense of the word. let me finish the jents. they have a lot of oil but they have to import gasoline. they don't have intercouldn't nenltal missiles and people like others maybe you, you wanted to go in there and aggressively attack a country? they zront a weapon. >> sean: this is just a disagreement we have. he says he wants to annihilate israel he's fighting wars against israel now by putting hezbollah and muslim brotherhood, they're fighting a war against us in many ways and western values. it's just a matter of us recognizing it. >> if we had followed george bush's foreign policy, and ronald reagan said he left after leb bon -- lebanon says
11:51 pm
politics of theirs is so irrational he said that i made a mistake and brought troops home and said if he had been more neutral in that area those 240 marine woz have been still alive. reagan had second thoughts about it. the founders preached it z i think it's going to be what we're doing here. >> sean: it may not come to that. >> and this might be the united nations what are we doing with united states? s oos why are we funding it? >> united nations started that mess in 1947 and compounded it ever since. >> sean: come back, spend more time with us. i appreciate it. your son, rand is on my radio show. i want to hear about the trip with obama. that is interesting. coming up, herman cain coming up next as we continue in orlando, florida and as always, thanks for being with us.
11:52 pm
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throw out the current tax code and pass 9% business flat tax. 9% personal income tax ask a 9% national sales tax. and unlike governor romney's plan, my plan throws out the old one. he's still hooked to the
11:56 pm
current tax code that. dog won't budth oogs oos joining me now, the man you just heard from, the former ceo of godfather's pizza, herman cain. how are you, man? >> wonderful, thank you for having me, man. >> sean: i don't think i've ever seen you unhappy. >> you've got to stay happy. i give an honest response. i remember one of the debates where i felt so wound up because i had listened to all of my advisors during debate prep and after that debate i said guys we've got a new strategy. i'm going to let you give me information for a couple days, then, two days before the debate i don't want to see you or talk to you. >> sean: it's funny. i went to wyoming ask interviewed dick cheney. he said you know what? one day, before the debate he
11:57 pm
relaxes and goes fishing. i think that is smart. >> it's what i did. >> sean: you need to have a clear michbld you know i thought tonight was very touching moment. we have been friends a long time. i knew you had the cancer and i knew you've been through chemo. i didn't know you're stage 4 and gave you a 30% chance of living. >> 30% chance of survival. the words of my surgeon that is as bad as it gets. it was in two organs. >> sean: liver is very difficult. >> liver is usually the most difficult but i was fortunate in that my tumors were all isolated to one part of the liver. so doctor was able to take out 70% of the liver and that meant that that was 30% left. when he told me he's going to take out 70% i said doc did you live off a sliver of
11:58 pm
liver? he said yes because the liver regrows. i didn't know that. i was fortunate to have my diagnosis quick as i could. first case of chemotherapy quick as i do could. then recuperation. the point i was making if i had been on the obama care with bureaucrats trying to decide boy have died. -- i would have died. >> nobody looked at government rationing body exists in great britain. that is what it has evolved into. i can't let you go without this, is your plan. you've laid it out. and 9, 9, 9. reaction to that? >> yes. >> sean: throwing out current tax code. >> 9% business flat tax, 9% national sales tax replacing
11:59 pm
corporate kin come tax, capitol gains taxes and estate tax. saving us $430 billion. >> revenue neutral. we have just gotten results of the scoring of the plan. >> sean: who scored it? >> gary robinson heads up a company called fiscal associates. what he found is that this would generate six million jobs bringing unemployment rate to down to 50% and businesses will begin to grow again. this was an't a plan i made up on the back of a napkin. and my team and i went through this that was years of rigid radicalism you know two things


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